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SFI Marketing Group has a really good reputation. They are BBBcertified and they hardly have any complaints about their business. There have been many success stories over the years to prove that SFI can work. The company allows you to sell everything from music downloads, pet care products, supplements, books, and so much more. The positive points are that the payout is pretty good, there is a residual income built in, there are many resources available, and the training is very solid. This is one of the few legitimate Internet marketing opportunities with a MLM system so if that’s what you’re looking for, you should check out SFI.  You can either take part in SFI as a free member or a premium member. Premium members will get the benefit of more earnings but they’ll have to pay a monthly fee. You will earn more on your customer commission depending on your levels. Your levels will depend on how many people you have referred. 

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Cupid is one of the top 5 global online dating companies.
We have been investing and developing our expertise for over 6 years and we are very proud of our in-house FLEX platform. Innovative, cost effective and scalable, it is built to keep up with the pace of technological developments. Our members enjoy access from mobile, apps and social networks.
At Cupid, we offer a network of online dating sites, rather than a single core brand; giving members a wider choice and increasing every user’s chances of finding their perfect match. Our network of sites includes strong core brands and a number of developing niches.
Cupid listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM in June 2010 to facilitate international expansion, and since then we have grown strongly and enhanced this growth with a small number of acquisitions.
The online dating industry in Europe and in North America combined represents an estimated £2 billion market. The USA market alone was estimated at £800 million in 2011. Cupid is seeing rapid growth in North America, where other players are already well established, and a series of acquisitions and new launches are securing a place in the rapidly expanding European market.



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